Cried. HARD.: Children's Hospital Creates 'Cat Immersion Project' For Young Cancer Patient Missing Her Own Cat

August 6, 2012


Hey -- you're gonna cry, okay?

Seattle Children's Hospital recently asked their fans on Facebook to submit cat pictures so they could put together a "cat immersion tent" for 16-year old cancer patient Maga, who's currently a resident at the hospital and missing her own cat, Merry, who's back at home. Aaaaaaand I already can't see through the tears. Copy/paste, copy/paste!

Facebook fans of Seattle Children's Hospital submitted more than 3,000 pictures of their cats along with well wishes. With more photos than expected, hospital workers got to work on the "Cat Immersion Project," using recorded purring sounds, sheets and a projector to create a "virtual cat cocoon" for Maga.

"I can't tell you how it feels sometimes, feeling disconnected and cut off from the world, and then with something like cat pictures bringing me back," said Maga, according to the hospital's On the Pulse blog. "Thank you all for your kind words, and well wishing. Its means more then you can ever know."

Maga had previously spent more than seven months at the hospital in 2011 while waiting for a compatible bone marrow donor, eventually getting at transplant. But she had to come back to the hospital in July for post-transplant treatment, where she's been away from nearly a month.

Oh man, there's a part in the video where there's a slide of a cat hugging a dog and Maga says excitedly, "Is that possible?! Because...I would like that to be possible." I was holding it down pretty well until then. Get well soon, Maga.

Hit the jump for the heartwarming tearjerker of the day.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who's convinced that cat pictures actually have medicinal healing properties and I believe it.

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