Couple Gets Married, Leave Ceremony w/ Water Jetpacks

August 27, 2012


Because this is the world we live in, Grant Engler and Amanda Volf got married over the weekend on a beach and left the ceremony with a pair of water jetpacks. Personally, I think Grant should have been carrying his new bride, but that's just me and I'm the most romantic man in the world and only dine by candlelight. Amanda is a former wedding planner and wanted to do something extraordinary for her own special day. Oh sure, WAY TO SAVE THE WATER JETPACKS FOR YOURSELF. No word if they were attacked by merpeople on the way to the reception.

Hit the jump for a brief video of enough of this nonsense, I'll be at the tiki bar at the end of the pier.

Thanks to fat piggie, who could be any one of my toes.

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