Clear Glass Crab Shells (So You Can See Their Asses)

August 6, 2012


Artist Robert DuGrenier blows clear glass shells for crabs to use so you can see their bodies inside. I'm not sure how the crabs feel about it, but if I lived in a glass house, know. "Everybody would see you masturbate." Even the aliens! Then they'd, know. "Want to come jam things up your keister." Haha, man one time I found a handful of Pixy Stix in there. "That wasn't aliens." I know -- I think it was the government.

Hit the jump for some more shots and a video of an aquatic crab with its see-through shell on.




Thanks to Shannon, who claims she once saw a hermit crab on the beach once wearing a flip-flip for a shell and it made her sad as hell.

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