Human Catapult Tubing Down A Slip 'N Slide Into A Lake

August 29, 2012


Because everybody has to die somehow (so why not make it on your own terms?) this is a video of a bunch of hooligans using a bungee cord attached to a boat to pull them down a hill and over a ramp into a lake while riding an inner-tube. It actually looks pretty fun. Well, minus the whole "genitals scraping on the ground the whole time" thing. Just saying, I've never had sex with a wooden launch ramp before and I'm not gonna start now.

Hit the jump for the high-flying fun in action.

Thanks to Guillaume, who was really hoping to see someone launched clear across the lake. SAME.

  • Guest

    And they still can't find pants that fit :p

  • ZomBBombeR

    Looks like a shitload of fun to me.

  • akvisual

    Theese guys were trying to copy a much better "Human Slingshot" video by Vooray seen here> way better bigger jump and in HD!

  • life jackets, huh?

  • Colombian Jai

    how is this de-brainer Geekologie Material??!??!??

  • inc

    Same exact concept as this, just without sponsors, cute girls, good music in the background, production value, and about a year later.

  • randomitems

    Wow, that was one of the worst songs I've ever heard anywhere.

  • GizmoDuck


  • Greg Kerekes

    I think I had a bro-verload watching that video.

  • RadXCor

    Yeah, those bros were seriously bro-tivated to make this video.

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