Bill Nye Challenges 'F***ing Idiot' Congressman Todd Akin To A Debate (Plus Drops The F-Bomb A Lot)

August 30, 2012


Note: Story is satire (READ: FAKE). I just love rage and cussing so much I want it to be true. Plus duels.

US Congressman Todd Akin accused Bill Nye of personally summoning God's wrath in the form of Hurricane Issac after Nye posting a video last week discussing why creationism shouldn't be taught to children (you can see that video HERE if you haven't already). Bill, in return, dropped the f-bomb a lot during an interview and challenged Todd to a debate.

"Look, these people they're f*cking retarded. Rape can't cause pregnancy? Breastmilk cures homosexuality? I caused a hurricane by challenging creationism? Who can possibly take these people seriously anymore?"

"...Now they don't even believe in egg + sperm = baby. Where does Todd Akin think babies come from? Does he think there are separate storks for people who were raped and people who weren't? "

"Hey look at me! I'm the rape stork. I drop off all my babies directly at the orphanage."

"He's a f*cking idiot. Just a plain f*cking idiot. I'm sorry - I don't say that word very often - but it happens to fit in this case. He's just a f*cking idiot."

"So Todd I got an offer for you. You and me. Any time. Any place. Debating science mano-a-mano. I'll bring the facts, and you bring the Vaseline. Because your ass is gonna f*cking need it when I'm done whipping."

Nye apologized once more for his language before ripping off his microphone and walking off the set.

I actually had a college professor call me a f***ing idiot in class once but it was under completely different circumstances. You see what happened was, my buddy Y-Tree and I were playing the penis game (where you go back and forth saying penis louder and louder until somebody's too afraid to do it), and I just yelled it at the top of my lungs at the very beginning. We used to play the vagina game too. I have a master's degree -- just let that sink in.

Thanks to Alexandria and Jason, who were both kicked off the college debate team for constantly yelling 'OBJECTION!' and banging their heads on the desk.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Regardless of it being satire or not, Bill Nye was always entertaining to me as a child, and this just solidifies his awesomness in my mind.

  • He looks like the Mister Rogers version of a pedophile. ..and he's wearing a bow-tie? For real?!

  • Nathan Fields

    Todd Akin accepts Bill Nye's science debate challenge

  • Devin Wolfe

    Bill Nye The Fucking Science Guy

  • zeldasbff

    In my head, this will always be real. Don't care, it's too awesome and awesome things belong in my fantasy reality brain meats.

  • Nock4Six

    Unfortunately, it's fake. But regardless of the comments never being said, they're still 100% accurate as far as I'm concerned.

  • LuMace

    To everyone 'telling' us that the article is satire and fake- it has a disclaimer RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING SAYING SO. The only 'FAIL' is your inability to read- please turn in your geek card, you don't deserve it anymore.

  • RJ Decatur

    Most mainstream journalistic sites add an update/revision comment to articles when they correct things, such as falling for a satirical article. Doesn't look like that is done on Geekologie.

  • NOFKNway

    not that he is wrong, but I think Bill is just acting out in order to get in the news in hopes he can kill the facebook rumors that he died.

  • AlexDoom

    Wow did Geekologie just post satire as real news? FAIL.

  • Brendan McGloin

    It's from a satirical news source. Still, rape storks!

  • Charlie Steele

    It's fucking satire.

  • Brandon

    Hey, GW. This story is from a satirical newspaper site. It's not a real story.

  • RareAwesomeman

    but...that's the first thing that he says in the article

  • Brandon

    He didn't when I posted. Eventually he added the comment.

  • Andrew Godsey

    As if I needed another reason to love Bill Nye.

  • Daniel Hodgson

    apparently this is fake. dammit!

  • Shane Thompson

    Ole Geekologie. I'd hate to start giving you up because of politics. Two political posts back to back? Can we not escape it? For me this place was an island of awesomeness that I didn't have hear about the crap - apparently there may just be a liberal pipeline laying under the water.

  • Nate Henley

    Get bent, oh wait you already are to the right. Geekologie is for non-douche bags. Being ignorant to politics is like being ignorant to science, you don't know wtf is going on and don't have the critical thinking ability to distinguish facts from bullshit. Thanks for your little whiny douchey comment

  • $18922249

    There is nothing "liberal" about science. Just like there is nothing "conservative" about being a fucking idiot.

    Facts are facts, even if they are incredibly inconvenient for bronze age mysticism.

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