Best Breakfast Club Ever!: Star Wars Characters If Star Wars Had Been An 80's High School Movie

August 14, 2012


Denis Medri (of rockabilly/1950's Batman and steampunk Spiderman characters fame) is back at it, this time with the cast of Star Wars reimagined as characters from a 1980's high school movie. He did well. I especially liked Han, Chewie, C-3PO and R2. Oooh -- and Obi Won and Yoda. And Lando. I pretty much liked them all except the bad guys. Boo on you, baddies! Anybody wanna smoke some reefer behind the gymnasium?

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Thanks to Lydia R and joeychuckles, who if they could go back in time and tell their high school selves one thing it would be to not waste so much time dating Ashely R. for so long only for her to turn around and cheat on you! Haha, I'm sorry -- am I projecting?

  • Wow, negative comments questioning the plausability of what is some fun and seriously good artwork. Some people just don't know what's good for them!

  • Cortney A.

    Somebody already beat me to it, Luke looks an awful lot like Marty McFly. R2 and 3PO look great, and the sweater was nice touch to Lando's cape.

  • MattAtDoyle

    Solo's Falcon car is pretty clever. Vader has been reduced to a motocross rider with a Michael Jackson jacket?

  • Guest

    This is well done. I would love to see this applied as a comic (or animated) series.

  • pilar p p

    Love everyone except Han Solo, can you explain me why does he look like a drug-dealer confuse with his sexuality?

  • He WAS a smuggler after all.

  • lorobird

    Why the homophobia? What the flying fucksters is wrong with being gay? Why do people on the interwebs INSIST on holding medieval moral codes???

  • I love these!! I love star wars and cheesy 80's movies - this is just too cool for school!

  • Arved Ble

    Who's the punk with Lando Calrissian?

  • Greedo I thought :P

  • Brandon

    Who is that next to Lando?

  • Rushabh Shah

    on the gallery's website it says greedo

  • Chris Moore

    I thought is was Lobot, the bald dude who hangs out with Lando.

  • Anakin could use a badass scar.

  • Upstate Steve

    Luke Skywalker?? Looks like Denis got confused and drew Marty McFly instead.

  • p_shep

    Looks like there's a nasty cold going around the school.

  • JimmyThr

    If Darth is going to the same high school as Luke then how is he his father, just saying

  • Marian

    Maybe he is their father, but he's a bad one, who gangs with his motocyclists friends rather than caring for his kids.
    Just saying. I think this character is cool, but I was expecting something even cooler for Darth Vader, ;)

  • lorobird

    His face at the bottom of the illustration is just to show us that he was young once... then he had some fights next to lava and became ugly and old and now he doesn't take the helmet off, ever. Still Luke's dad, can still be a teacher.

  • JimmyThr

    whatever helps you sleep at night

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