Because Kegs Are Heavy: Powdered Beer For Boozing In The Backcountry (Or Anywhere Really, Just Add Water!)

August 21, 2012


Note: Picture shows soda flavors, beer coming soon.

Pat's Backcountry Beverages have developed a powdered beer concentrate (not a new concept) that, when added to water and placed in their special carbonating bottle, makes "microbrew quality" beer anywhere. No more lugging a cooler full of beer when you go camping! Just filter some river water and PRESTO, you're getting drunk by the campfire and telling your friends how you would totally fight a bear if it wandered into your camp right now. Pat is currently looking for investors to get the product to market, so if you're rich and always wanted brew your own beer INSIDE the movie theater, get in touch. Rich but don't drink? Contact me, I'll literally do anything for your money. "Anything?" ANYTHING.

Thanks to chichi, who carries alcohol the best way possible: in the stomach. Awww yeah!

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