Augmented Reality Shirt With Chestbursting Chestburster

August 31, 2012


Man, chestburster looks so much like cheeseburger that I'm all hungry now. Granted it doesn't help that I vomited in the last post. I'm a wreck. This is an augmented reality shirt with a tracking image that, when viewed through a smart phone with the app installed (info page HERE), shows a chestburster leaping out of your chest. Daaaaaw, so cute! "Stop that." Stop what? "Trying to feed it chips." But he looks hungry! "STOP." Chill out bro, it's not a f***ing Mogwai -- it's not gonna turn into a Gremlin. "I know, it's gonna grow into a full-size xenomorph." Yeah but if you let me keep feeding it junk food it'll be a fat, slow one. We could tie it to a tree and ride it around the yard!

Hit the jump for a video demo.

Thanks to Bryan, who doesn't want anything bursting out of his chest BUT ROCK SOLID PECS AND ABS. Good luck with that.

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