Architect Wants To Build Series Of All-Glass Houses

August 7, 2012


You know they say about people who live in glass houses, right? Waaaaay too much money.

This is a conceptual all-glass house designed by architect Carlo Santambrogio. Wow, an all-glass house -- real original concept, Carlo. *eyeroll eyeroll* What next -- building stairs so people can move between floors? Doors to keep the elements out but still allow human access? Such an innovator! You getting all this, Frank Lloyd Wrong?

At £4,000 (~$6,250) per square metre, a typical three bedroom family home would cost about £400,000 to build.

But if you have the funds, architect and glass designer Santambrogio is willing to design almost any glass structure you can think of.

Almost every aspect of the house is made of glass, from the dining table, to the stairs, but it seems comfort still comes first.

The bed is one of the only items not to be made of glass.

Call me spoiled, but glass house or not, I still want my next place to have a shitter. Because I am NOT going outside. 1) It looks cold out there, and 2) bears. You ever seen those Charmin commercials? Those f***ers won't hesitate to steal your TP and leave you nothing but a trail of buttcrumbs. And buttcrumbs, as Hansel and Gretel will attest to, are not the sort of thing you can rely on to lead you out of the woods. "Dammit GW, those were bread crumbs." Haha, you sure? I thought all that candy gave them diarrhea.

Hit the jump for some interior shots of the maybe I don't wanna see my family naked all the time.




Thanks to Revan, who wants to live in an all diamond house that way he can chip off a little piece and sell it if money ever gets tight. SOLID THINKING.

  • Ariel_J_I

    One of the dumbest designs I've ever witnessed. No thought went into this whatsoever, bar making the elements of glass. It is, admittedly, useful as an intellectual exercise-- as to why too much glass is a real problem. This would not be a feasable design for any place with a fair amount of solar radiation-- which would quickly cook anything inside.

  • Wow looks very cold...

  • So hard to keep it clean. =)

  • Charles Whelan

    Just like my iphone4s and ipad2, this house would be completely shattered within the first week..

  • Andrew Morton

    we need more windex...

  • Prometheus

    Hell I have a hard enough time at night not hitting my shins on the
    table. But now that everything is transparent I feel I should wear shin
    guards at all times in this house.

  • Guest

    Wouldn't this mean I have to dress decent 24/7? That's a real bummer.

  • Just a tiny earthquake...

  • MadisonKobalt

    Oh and it is great for watching the birds die as they crash into it.

  • Tyler Durden

    This stems from the pathological need to be seen. Practicality seems to be the enemy of consumer mentality.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I wanna be there the first time hail is falling!

  • American Meatgoat

    The problem is that walls in houses are full of wires for electricity, ductwork for heating and air conditioning, and insulation. Oh, and structural parts so your house doesn't collapse the first time a rock hits it.

  • that's a lot of windex

  • Sylvain Gagné

    Just add some water and... Aquarius!

  • Ed

    If you masturbate in your living room does it count as public indecency? Don't want to end up on one of those lists.

  • Gordon Freeman

    Being woken up at sunrise every day would suck.

  • Etienne Carl Jean Aijal

    you can't even get a little private time and wank off without everybody seeing it.. I got stagefright you know!

  • 13 ghosts

  • 14, if you count the owner after one winter spent in that insulation nightmare.

  • BorborygmyDebacle9
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