Another Day, Another Homemade Scrap Metal Batpod

August 27, 2012


Because building your own scrap metal Batpod is like THE THING to do in Vietnam, here comes another one. No clue if this is the same guy as before, but I doubt it because this guy actually wears a helmet. The smarter Batpod builder we'll call him.

This is a fully functional and completely awesome hand-built Dark Knight BatPod from scrap metal parts by Vietnam's very own self-proclaimed superhero, Tùng Lâm. Get this... it cost a total of $480.

Only $480? Damn. There are several more shots and a video of the thing in action after the jump, which is worth watching for the rotating exhaust pipes alone. I want those on my car. Plus for them to go PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW whenever I step on the gas.

Hit the jump for the bike Vietnam needs.



Thanks to my buddy Terry, who rides a bike to work and claims he saw a bum going number two in the bushes on the side of the bike trail.

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