AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!: Old Lady Attempts Restoration Of Valuable Religious Fresco, Fails Miserably

August 22, 2012


Apparently an old lady in Spain took it upon herself to repair a valuable fresco of Jesus in a neighboring church. *eyeballing picture* AHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHA! No word who ever told the old coot she had a lick of talent, but I think we can all agree they're the real criminal here.

The image, painted by 19th-century artist Elías García Martínez, had reportedly been deteriorating for some time.

The woman in her 80s, a neighbour of the church in which the fresco is located, attempted to restore the painting 'without permission but with good intentions'.

But a donation from the artist's granddaughter was about to fix that when the neighbour got in first to have a crack at fixing it up.

Once the budding artist realised she was in over her head, she confessed to local authorities.

A professional restorer is reportedly now set to assess the damage and see if the fresco can be saved.

Wow, I don't even think his dad, God, would recognize him now. He looks like an Eskimo. And maybe he was. What -- I saw The Da Vinci code! And if I learned anything, it's that Tom Hanks plays a great detective. Columbo though -- Columbo will always be number one.

Thanks to Jessicow and venort, who agrees restorations are better left to professionals. Especially hair restorations. Sooooooo...don't just shave and glue pubes to my head -- that what you're saying?

  • See how you fare in painting restoration! It's a challenge.
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  • Animals12

    Okay, was wrong to even attempt the painting. But, you can't tell old people what to do. They will do what they want too, and that is probably what happened here. Grandma thought she was helping out.

  • "A professional restorer is reportedly now set to assess the damage and see if the fresco can be saved."

    Should get that Jesus dude. Supposedly he saves.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    fake, the shadows are all wrong :)

  • JerryClinton

    so that's what Jesus looks like when they exorcize the holy ghost!

  • Guys... stop saying that Jesus isn't real. He was real, people killed him, and he came back to life. HE IS THE SON OF GOD. Seriously - HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE THIS? The post about the lady who turned Jesus into a Howler Monkey is no place for heresy, anyway.

  • JeanbearTheImmasculator

    I think this should be worth more now, for the obsurdity and for the astract-ness of it. The story alone makes it more art than it was. How many great peices are ever improved upon like this?

  • so good

  • Joe Ryburn

    Huh, what if this is the real imagine under the Fresco, what if... My religion actually worships a Shyguy?!

  • Gena Ford

    That is just horrible. To take someone's art work and destroying it like that. Has the woman ever done art work. And fresco painting is hard to do. If you never done it before don't attempt to fix it. Has she ever even done painting in that style, or taken art she doesn't even have the colors that was in the original... there is no blues in the shadows nothing.... . I hope that they can fix the painting

  • ZomBBombeR

    I just can't conceive a scenario where any right minded person wouldn't stop before it got so bad, I'm not even religious but that's disgraceful, if I loved Jesus I wouldn't make him look like an 80's eskimo baby with face fro and alien eyes, Gawd!

  • Guest

    I see a tan guy with an afro and muttonchops....wearing a red striped sweater. Is that the father-guy from That 80's Show?

  • Crim

    In the defense of this woman, the people knew what was happening (the priest too) , even the granddaughter of the artist let her paint the fresco in the past.

  • Amy

    as a totally not serious artist I can't believe this woman went so far into this before realizing she totally ruined this fresco. Did she just think that eventually it might get better?

  • >"Did she just think that eventually it might get better?"

    Typical human behavior, if you ask me —Afghanistan, anyone?

  • Igor Skalkovich

    I like how it looks now) Its so avant-garde

  • vadersapp

    Was this "good Samaritan" by chance a relative one a one, Mr. Bean? Jesus Christ! (pun intended) Maybe you're crazy enough to think you can restore an antique fresco without any experience, maybe you even thing you can do that with -- what medium would you say that is? Crayola? But how do you get more than about 3 brush strokes in before realizing what a huge mistake you've made and giving up while you're ahead!?

  • Doug Eldridge

    These are pictures of imaginary people. Intelligent people don't' care.

  • Jess

    Intelligent people care about art and the cultural heritage of humanity. Most paintings are of imaginary people. If it were The Birth of Venus by Botticelli that was ruined, would you care? Or the anonymous bombing victims in Picasso's Guernica? No, let me guess, snark is all that matters in life.

  • kevin dijkshoorn

    Intelligent people care about modern art not about this old shit.

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