1st Generation Pokemon Cross-Stitched Family Portrait

August 21, 2012


Note: Worthwhile time-lapse video after the jump.

This is a giant cross-stitch lovingly created by Linda (aka Esponsas) featuring the entire first generation of Pokemon. Man, so many familiar faces in the bunch. Like, uh, Dweezle, and...Tam-Tam? You got me, I'm more of a Yu-Gi-Oh guy, okay?! Linda said the materials she used cost around $80 and it took her around 8-months to complete. WOW. I haven't done anything in the last eight months except still think it was April. Well, that's not entirely true, I did finish ONE thing. "That's a box of cereal." Not just any box of cereal -- Grape Nuts, brobro. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Hit the jump for a shot of Linda holding the thing for scale, and a time-lapse video.


Thanks to BreakEmIfYouGotEm, who sounds like a terrible person to drink with.

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