Zombie T-Rex Tattoo: What Kind Of Zombie Bites A Dino?

July 6, 2012


*pointing at self* This kind of zombie, that's who. You hear that, Chompy? Now we can be together FOREVER. This is Megan's zombie t-rex head tattoo. I plan on luring him to me with a bunch of brains piled under a big cardboard box. Then, pulling the stick that's holding the box up and trapping him. It's pretty much a foolproof plan.

This is [Megan's] zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex tattoo. It took three sessions of about thirteen hours total and was done by Jeff Addz at Generation X in Daytona Beach, Florida. [ Megan has] been in love with dinosaurs since [she] was a very young girl and [she] also has a passion for the undead, so [Megan] decided to combine the two. [Her] artist was insanely talented and did this entire design free-handed. [She] could not be happier with the finished result.

That's about it. There's another picture I linked to at the bottom but THONG AND CREEPY STARE WARNING: she's wearing a thong (like me!) and trying to steal your soul with her gaze. *reaches into shirt to reveal Amulet of Steadfast Soul dangling from chain* HAHA -- better luck next time, witch!

One more clean shot after the jump, slightly NSFW (thong and hand-covered taytays) shot HERE.


Thanks to XorKaya, who's curious to see what comes first: cloned dinosaurs or a zombie outbreak. Me? I'm hoping for affordable cable television.

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