Z-World Detroit: Concept To Turn An Abandoned Area Of The City Into A Zombie Outbreak Experience Theme Park

July 6, 2012


Despite clearly outsourcing their graphics to a 2nd grade art class, Z-World Detroit is a real concept developed by entrepreneur Mark Siwak, who's tired of watching the city crumble to pieces and wants to do something about it. The idea is to turn 200-acres of the city's abandoned warehouses and neighborhoods into a theme park that provides a "run-and-hide and find supplies" overnight zombie apocalypse experience to visitors. Granted that doesn't really sound like a city-saving idea, but whatever, as long as they let me bring my own ninja sword and get high in the parking lot beforehand.

Hit the jump for several more crayon pictures and an informative video about the project (skip to 2:50 for an explanation of the "game").




Thanks to Chad and Bradley B, who agree this thing sounds like an insurance nightmare.

  • CerebralZombie

    There's a mall that does this, but doing a mini town sized version would be incredible!!! Where can I sign!? Needs a petition ~

  • ive been working on this idea for years god damnit. i was gunna have it as a kids summer camp, 1/2 the kids zombies the other half survivors and the grownups teach you how to either act (zombie) or learn real survival skills. people always takin my ideas.

  • Come on people! Where is your imagination? Who hasn't thought about how they would fare in a Zombie Apocalypse? And now there may be a chance to do that? Where do I sign up? Plus it doesn't hurt to put some abandoned land to use especially if it has a potential to bring people to Detroit and boost their economy.

  • kkanemt

    wheres robocop?

  • This sounds like a terrible idea.
    And where is the video?

  • Ed

    200 contiguous acres of abandoned real estate . . . wow! Why not give it away to people who need a place to live?

  • banfillb

    as someone who lives in Windsor-Detroit, there isnt enough people in Detroit to fill this land lol...its abandoned for a reason...and there are plenty more acres of abandoned land where that comes from

  • rachel3087

    As someone who lives in Detroit, it's because no one wants to live here. Michigan has a job crisis and most people are moving away. Oh, & when was the last time you bought up land to give to charity? Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

  • Ed

    If it's abandoned then no one owns it, there's no one to buy it from.

  • Abandoned is not the same as unowned.

  • Tommy Lites

    How about you buy it for them?

  • Judging by the "factories and warehouses" mentioned, I'm guessing it's industrial real estate, not residential, and likely would be otherwise condemned or close to it. Besides, just "giving" people land doesn't mean they still have access to everything they need to actually live there.

    I'm sure there's worse ways to earn a living / house inside the theme park than as "period" actors in a zombie apocalypse, anyhow.

  • n_a_a_s

    everything's already in place, just needs bath salts

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