Z-World Detroit: Concept To Turn An Abandoned Area Of The City Into A Zombie Outbreak Experience Theme Park

July 6, 2012


Despite clearly outsourcing their graphics to a 2nd grade art class, Z-World Detroit is a real concept developed by entrepreneur Mark Siwak, who's tired of watching the city crumble to pieces and wants to do something about it. The idea is to turn 200-acres of the city's abandoned warehouses and neighborhoods into a theme park that provides a "run-and-hide and find supplies" overnight zombie apocalypse experience to visitors. Granted that doesn't really sound like a city-saving idea, but whatever, as long as they let me bring my own ninja sword and get high in the parking lot beforehand.

Hit the jump for several more crayon pictures and an informative video about the project (skip to 2:50 for an explanation of the "game").




Thanks to Chad and Bradley B, who agree this thing sounds like an insurance nightmare.

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