You've Gotta Take Breaks!: 18-Year Old Dies After Playing Diablo III For 40 Hours Straight With No Food Or Rest

July 18, 2012


An 18-year old in Taiwan passed away after playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight with no food or rest (just like the title says!). That is just too long. You should take a break at LEAST every 20 hours. You don't jump off the high-dive right after pounding a hotdog, do you? Because I have. I cramped up and sunk like a rock and then a boy lifeguard had to kiss me on the mouth!

The Taiwanese teen booked himself into a private room in an internet cafe at lunchtime on Friday, according to reports.

He was left to play until Sunday morning, when a member of staff came to check on him and found him resting on the table.

Chuang then woke up, took a few steps and collapsed.

He was rushed to hospital, but died shortly after his arrival.

Obviously, this is sad news. But gaming, like burying your face in a women's breasts and pretending you're a kid again, is an addiction. Except gaming can actually kill you. Motorboating will like, only make you pass out at the very worst. Rest in peace, bro.

Thanks to Victor and Tamara, who love sleep waaaaaay too much to die playing video games. SAME.

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