You Suck, George!: Hands Down Some Of The Fugliest (And Most Expensive) Star Wars Apparel To Ever Exist

July 3, 2012


This is a series of licensed Star Wars apparel by Tokyo/Paris based Comme des Garçon. Please, just look at this shirt for a moment and take it all in. Who would wear that? SPOILER: Not even your dad. And it's $350. That's $350 to look like a f***ing idiot. Granted a lot of the time that's the name of the game in high fashion, but COME ON. I'd rather wear my bare skin on fire.

Hit the jump for a couple more button-ups and some printed tees with Star Wars slogans that go for the rock-bottom price of $100 (long-sleeves for $120).






Thanks to cocoa, who just got this crazy sequin dress from Betsey Johnson's going out of business sale that makes her look like a fairy princess. Hold on, I'll find it. THIS ONE.

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