You Did Good: Custom Dark Knight Rises Painted Shoes

July 18, 2012


These are a pair of Toms handpainted with a Dark Knight Rises theme by Sarah Feldman (and designed by her boyfriend Brandon Phillips and photographed by friend Sarah Lang. That makes TWO Sarahs involved!). Personally, I don't like Toms because they always make me feel like a ballerina. I'm kidding, that's the only reason I like them. I'm kidding, I only wear flipflops. "You're a spaz." I AM GOING THROUGH A TOUGH TIME RIGHT NOW. God, not that you ever stop to ask.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots including the vehicles on the sides, email Sarah at Kidd428[at]gmail if you're interested in these or a commission.







Thanks Sarah and Brendon, how much for a pair of dino shoes?

  • how much??

  • Why didn't they at least paint up a sweet ass pair of shoes? Like some old Jordan's or some Chuck Taylor's?
    "Hey, I've got a great idea...let's paint a pair of hipster Tom's up with the DK Rises?!" - Stupid Chick
    "Hell yes... awesome idea" - Nobody Ever

  • zeldasbff

    Chucks are total hipster shoes too. How many hipster wedding photos do you need to see to confirm this? "daaawww lookeh, teh bride n groom gotz matchin chuckas!"

    Toms are far more comfortable then chucks anyway.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    first glance they appear to be just dirty hobo shoes in need of a good wash.
    second glance let's you see that they are nothing more than over-priced hipster wear.

  • Those are sweet.

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