Yeah You Did: Skull Implants In Back Of Hands

July 13, 2012


These are Jason Traeger's back of the hand skull implants. You know, they really got me thinking. Like, if I got a buddy drunk enough, could I convince him to get a penis shaped one? I could maybe tell him, I dunno, that it's like a bow and arrow or something. But then the next morning, SURPRISE DEREK -- you've got a peenor in your hand! Plus mine in the other. HIYO, that makes us boyfriends.

Thanks to Franco, who doesn't want anything in his hands but taytays. Amen to that, brother-man.

  • Because why develop a personality when you can just stuff knick-knacks under your skin? I'm going to get a pokemon on the head of my junk... Pengin maybe... does that say 'Me' or what?

  • utera

    lol its not hardcore once you realize now his hands are fragile as hell in a fight, look scary but smack those implants and he's going to be in horrible pain:P

  • myklspaderr

    Really you had to one up the asshat who did the iPod Nano magnet idea? Your Mom must be so proud she opted for bareback finally.

  • evilares

    When he masturbates, does he skull fuck himself? --Evil Ares--

  • David Hahn

    The great part of this is that those of us in the modified community think your 70 dollar haircuts, boob jobs, bad hair implants, ass lifts, fraternity tattoos, etc. are TWICE as wanky. You sheep just keep on bleeting. We like it.

  • Dave

    Modified community? Is that near the interstate?

    I've never paid $70 for a haircut, have no boob implants, no hair implants, no ass lifts, and no tats.

    With all the suffering people in the world, I'd rather spend the money helping them then having garbage implanted in my body because it's "kewl."

    What a puerile narcissist you are. "Modified community" my backside.

  • Anodos

    Im really not understanding why "modified community" is making people freak out. I guess they really hate people with piercings, the fact that they are talking to eachother makes YOU GUYS SO MAD? Seriously, why is that making you guys so mad? So weird. SUCH ANGER.

  • MaxwellMudd

    That's funny, I haven't, nor do I currently, engage in any of the stuff you listed above, and yet somehow I still think he was stupid for doing it. Also, I would like to point out that his "expression" can't be that unique if they already make body-mod Teflon implants molded into the skull shape. Just sayin'. Body modification is a target market just like any other.

  • David Hahn

    The implants are not mass produced. They are custom made for individual clients.

  • Anodos

    That fact made me so angry i downvoted you. DAM YOU FACTS.

  • Well as someone without a 70 dollar haircut, without a boob-job, hair impacts, ass lifts and any tattoo's I'd still argue this is modification gone a little too far. Im not sure what this is supposed to be embellishing as part of his personality, but I thinks its a mistake. As a 'normal' person it seems were actually coming into rarity ourselves. Also there is nothing wrong with following some conventions...its the subtle touches that make us different, not skull hands

  • Anodos

    See, this is why people hate spiderman. You think "why would they hate someone like that?" and then you have people freaking out over tattoos and piercings and stuff, i guess someone shooting webs is just too INSANE, HES SUCH A WANKER.

    Thanks guys, for ruining any chances of there being a real spiderman. Wankers.

  • David Hahn

    Well said. And I've just realized it's a pointless argument. Everyone has different boundaries, mores, and values. People are going to express themselves as they see fit, no matter what, and everyone is going to have their own opinions. I just fell into the same trap I was arguing against. Shame on me.

  • MeggyMonster

    Wow! You just summed up everyone here to a T! Good job! :D *gives you a gold star*
    Now go show your friend with the wicked grafted skull horns your great acivement!

  • "those of us in the modified community" .................wanker

  • Anodos

    Im really in the dark why that makes him a wanker.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    but hasn't the body modification movement become nothing more than a fad now itself? seems like every teen/20-something (I like to call them Generation Douche) who has been eaten up with some form of narcissistic personality disorder and hatred toward the world and everyone in it because things are not handed to them, has some form or fashion of body modification because they are expressing their individuality and because they saw some other girl/guy with it and it was cool.

    talk about sheeple

  • Anodos

    Wow, body mods and stuff is really making you guys angry. I think its the fact they are having fun doing it, it really makes you sick you really wish they were lonely and miserable SO BAD! lol

  • $18922249

    So just to be clear... you have set out to differentiate yourself from others by joining a group with a common theme? (Not that I at all have a problem with that, but let us all just be sure that we are on the same page when it comes to criticism)

  • David Hahn

    And, to be clear, the people I happen to know didn't "set out" to do what they do. Each person embellishes in their own way. You laugh because we are different; we laugh because you are the SAME.

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