Yeaaaaah, I'm Gonna Need A Taster To Make Sure These Aren't Poison: Game Of Thrones House Sigil Cupcakes

July 10, 2012


This is a series of cupcakes featuring the Game of Thrones house sigils from the opening sequence of the show created by The Regali kitchen. They even used them to make a little reenactment of the intro which looks a lot more like a couple cupcakes spinning around and zero of those little castles popping up all over the place. Still, they did a good job with the cupcakes. Granted I wouldn't eat them, but that's just me and I like my cupcakes how I like a lover's breasts: previously handled by others as little as possible.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video.



Thanks to Suzanne, who agrees the fewer hands that touch your food before you eat it the better the chance everybody washed their hands first.

  • cabbo

    Left to right: gold flower on a green field; Tyrell of Highgarden. Growing Strong.
    Crowned stag in a burning heart; Stannis Baratheon of Dragonstone.
    Silver fish on a red field and blue waves; Tully of Riverrun. Family, Duty, Honor.
    Grey direwolf on a white field; Stark of Winterfell. Winter is Coming.
    Crowned Stag on a golden field; Baratheon of Storm's End/King's Landing (not sure if their official seat changed after the rebellion). Ours is the Fury.
    Gold lion on a crimson field: Lannister of Casterly Rock. Hear Me Roar.
    Three headed red dragon on a black field; Targaryan of currently nowhere. Fire and Blood.
    Red sun pierced by a golden spear; Martell of Sunspear. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.
    White moon and falcon on a sky-blue field; Arryn of The Vale. As High as Honor.
    Gold Kraken on a black field: Greyjoy of Pyke. We Do Not Sow.
    Stepped white tower crowned with fire on a smoke-grey field; Hightower of Oldtown. We Light the Way.
    Twin towers on a white field with grey waves; Frey of the Twins.

  • ChelseaAnne123

    I really like how the Greyjoy sigil came out. All of them look fantastic in general though!

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