WOOPSIE: San Diego Shoots Off Its Entire Fireworks Show In 15-Seconds (And What A Show It Was!)

July 5, 2012


So apparently "technical errors" caused San Diego's 'Big Bay Boom' fireworks display last night to be set off in 15-seconds instead of over the course of 15-minutes. I'm not sure if somebody accidentally typed "15" into the seconds window instead of the minutes one on the control computer, but let's just assume that's what happened. Something else that happened: my dog Chloe freaking the f*** out all night because she hates the sound of fireworks (and thunder). I seriously got next to no sleep, and the few times I did manage to nod off WITHOUT FAIL she'd pee during the few minutes I was out. Plus one time shat.

Hit the jump for the fireworks extravaganza!

Thanks to T.J. and Matthew, one of which compared the malfunction to his sex life (it was Matthew, T.J. can go all night if he wants).

  • Justice Law

    It was like a Michael Bay film! Just much shorter/better! The Transformer ones anyways.

  • Floyd Burney

    .....Expect all municipalities to do this in the future

  • Guest

    So that's how a star is born in California.

  • Shawn Bibby

    I always wanted this to happen when I was little lol

  • Louis Cayle McKernan

    Dear geekologie, Please return the flux capacitor you have found back to Doc.


  • Ed

    Did you hear those people? They loved it! It's not a fail, just an inverted win.

  • Pui Che

    Totally need a aerial or a satellite view of this crazy white dot at the city...

  • n_a_a_s

    I'd ride through the sky in that sweet balloon

  • And then it rolled over and went to sleep.

  • All this article: Thats what she said

  • AdvancePlays

    This is crap after seeing the same type of failure in Oban last year.

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