WHAAAAAAAAA!: What Eyeball Stitches Look Like

July 23, 2012


These are Redditor Philawesomeraptor's girlfriend's eyeball stitches. She recently got a cornea transplant after suffering from a degenerative eye disease, and this is the result. Admittedly, it's kind of beautifully terrifying. Of course, if I had a degenerative eye disease and needed a new cornea I wouldn't care if they f***ing stapled the thing in there, just as long as I could see again. Thanks, science! Now do hoverboards.

Thanks to Pico De Gallo, who got all pissed off when I tried to take a bite of him. Then don't sound so tasty!

  • Guest

    This is absolutely amazing! I find nothing about this terrifying, but I've dealt with eye problems from a young age, I was 14 when it actually started hindering me, and I've already gone blind at the age of 20. I love technology, because without it I'd still be blind and I'll be 24 in August. I just hope they can find a way to advance retina cures as well as making lenses that can reconnect to the fibers like your natural lenses so those who've gone through cataracts can continue to have the ability to focus in on things again.

  • William Mak


  • Best part is the center part, the transplant is part of dead person's eyes...

  • It looks cool. Science is wonderful.

  • Davo555

    Worst thing ever. I tore and detached my retina and had to have dissolvable stitches in my eyeball after surgery and then put vaseline in my eye every few hours for over a week. Seriously, I feel their pain, I would rather chop off my pinky than go through something like that again.

  • $18922249

    This is without question, the most unsettling thing that I have seen all morning.

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