Visual Map Of The Internet And Websites' Connectedness

July 25, 2012


This is actually a worthwhile little time waster. is a website that depicts websites as different sized circles based on the size of their audience, and their relatedness to one another based on their proximity on the map. It has a handy search feature too, so you don't have to go scrolling around to find the site you're looking for. Because otherwise it would be complete shit. Google translation from Russian:

Mathematically speaking, the Internet is a two-dimensional map display of links between sites on the Internet. Each site is a circle on the map, its size is determined by the attendance of the site, higher attendance - more than a circle. Transitions between the sites users form a connection, the stronger the connection - the closer sites "want to" sit for one another.

Map of the Internet is a snapshot of the global network at the end of 2011. It covers more than 350 000 sites from 196 countries and all domain zones. Information on over 2 million connections between sites combined them into thematic clusters. As might be expected, the largest clusters are formed by national sites, ie sites belonging to one country. For convenience, the sites related to one country shows the same color.

I searched around looking at some of my favorite sites, and it was pretty neat to see what they were bunched with. Of course I have no clue what sort of algorithm they used, so it could be all garbage. Also, it really needs a search function where you can enter more than one site at a time and see their relationship across the map. That would have been cool. "Wow GW, that's actually a good idea." Haha! There's a first time for everything.

Thanks to The Baron, who told me yesterday he'll get tired of reading Reddit, close the window, then open a new one and go to Reddit again. IT'S A CULT.

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