Town Makes Larger, Easier To Park In Spots For Women

July 12, 2012


The town of Triberg, Germany, has created "female-only" parking spots in one of the city-owned parking lots that are wider and better-lit than other spots. Why? Because all Germans are sexist. See what I did there? That was me doing my own stereotyping. *runs over curb pulling into driveway*

As Triberg's mayor, Gallus Strobel, likes to explain, the whole thing is a bit of a joke and so far no one has complained.

"I have much pleasure with this idea," Strobel told ABC News. "I decided last month to do this as a question of humor for our society, and as a question of justice."

Strobel also had another reason to introduce the scheme--Triberg is a tourist town located in Germany's Black Forest region. The mayor hopes the controversial parking spots will help bring more attention to his town and hopefully plenty of visitors too.

Ah yes, the old "advertise yourself using sexist stereotypes" ploy. That's classic advertising right there. Hey ladies -- how about you get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich WITH DELICIOUS WONDERBREAD: chock full of important vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to Silver Dingo, who once parked in a Handicapped Dingo parking space and a real injured dingo had to limp all the way from the back of the lot. That's terrible!

  • Gar Villi

    Women's parking spaces are common in Germany, but not for the reasons cited. Women's parking spaces are situated close to entrances/exits/security cameras, so that women can be safer from rapists. And they are not wider than normal parking spaces, as anyone can see on this photo. The cars are just smaller and narrower than American cars

  • Xaghce

    those have been around here in korea for a long time. this is not news. PLUS in korea, they are pink and have lady looking symbols painted on them...

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Germany always has the best ideas.

  • Jadis

    Women often are the ones doing the shopping and toting the kid(s) so wider spaces special for women are a great idea! I don't think women should take it to mean they're large or bad drivers/parkers. I think it's very thoughtful and would love these in the U.S. Plus better lighting might further any effort to deter attacks on people in parking garages, such as muggings ect.

  • bla bleh

    You got it a bit wrong there.
    As chreez already pointed out, those "women only" parking spaces are very common in germany.

    What you got wrong about the news from Triberg is, that they labeled two parking spaces "men only". Now that's something new =) Those spaces have to be accesed by reversed parking, otherwise a wall would prevent the driver from leaving the car.
    As the news suggest, the whole thing shouldn't be taken too seriously. The mayor just thought it'd be funny and said he welcomes women using those two spaces.

  • They are actually very common in Germany. We don't want them to scratch our big BMWs while they're buying kitchen stuff.

  • Wow, what the fuck. Sexist german pigs, not even gonna capitalize their countries name is how upset I am with them.

  • Dude ... these parking spaces are dedicated to women bc they are in the best lit areas of most parking lots nearest to the entrances or exits (most often with the best access to the elevators). it has nothing to do with women's driving skills but they were put in place during the 60s or 70s (not sure atm) to protect women from muggings and such.

  • Jadis

    you're just jealous you don't get a special big parking spot. LOL

  • max baldwin

    Even better question is why are they not in the kitchen?

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