That's Disgusting: What Snake Venom Does To Blood

July 16, 2012


Hey -- you ever wanted to see a guy squirt snake venom into a wine glass of blood so you can see what it does? Well you are IN LUCK, because that's exactly what this is. Don't want to watch the video? Then I'll just tell you what happens: it turns your blood into gelatin. And is it a coincidence Jello owns the six largest venomous snake farms in the world? DUM DUM DUM!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to my good buddy Terry, who milks snakes the old fashioned way: letting them bite your arm then sucking the venom out. He is like, really hardcore. Plus f***ing insane.

  • Guest

    Is this how blood pudding is made? (haha)

  • fergy2106

    Barf. Snakes are like spiders i.e. should be killed on sight.

  • Dirgible

    Ah yes, the super-jelly form, very nice. Snake venom is actually a highly modified saliva. snakey-snake! I wonder how close those guys are to an anti-venom :o ----> /:/ -----> nooo-x_X

  • Khal Enriquez

    Fckin epic.

    This post just made me avoid the woods more.

  • Ben M

    Holy sh*t!
    good post

  • O.O almost puked... thats horrifying

  • Rushabh Shah

    Since snake venom can do that to blood we use it in medicine in laboratory tests to see if peopel have certain blood clotting disorders

  • This is something you actually do in your work? Cool!

    What type of snakes do you use?

  • $18922249

    Fucking awesome.

  • Lee

    Anyone else just have a craving for indian food and jello?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    There the F is the video with the original English audio? This is dumb...

    Oh, and now I'm afraid of snakes... STELLAR!

  • allergicturtle

    Holy f*ck

  • rikster81

    this is cray cray and man that looks scary

  • cray?

  • rikster81


  • Robin Manford


  • Jadis


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