Supercut Of Mr. Wizard Being Rude To Children

July 19, 2012


This is a three-minute supercut of my childhood idol Mr. Wizard being rude to children. Except not really, they're just all out of context. Say you walked into the middle of a conversation and all you heard was "the second biggest penis I've ever seen." Like, you don't know if it was in the men's room at work or at the zoo. I'll admit, that was a bad example. SIKE THAT WAS F***ING SOLID AND YOU KNOW IT.

Hit the jump for the fond memories.

Thanks to schematc and Seismometer, who agree Mr. Wizard taught them everything they know about magic.

  • jamesmcb

    i knew some kids that were on this show, he actually was really rude to the kids off camera and on, if you've ever been to calgary you'd feel the same

  • Gavin Brain

    "Haven't you ever seen a sliced banana before"? That cracked me up.

  • Dylan

    The clip at 2:11 is SO good.

  • Ah, there's where I learned to be an asshole...

  • You can't blow up a baby's nursing nipple?! o.O

  • Charles Whelan

    Well if the kids weren't so stupid....

  • Trevor Troake

    haha "before today is over YOUR head's gonna be on that platter"

  • Your welcome.

  • $18922249

    That's right it is my welcome.

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