Somebody Refill The Internet: Chewbacca Roundup Post w/ Messenger Bag, Armpit Tattoo, "Sexy" Cosplay

July 25, 2012


Because the internet is running drier than a cat's tongue, here's a Chewbacca-centric post featuring a themed messenger bag (ThinkGeek product site HERE), armpit tattoo, and "sexy" Chewbacca cosplay. "Jesus, GW." Haha, I know man -- it's BAD. Unless something magical appears it looks like my day is gonna be eight straight hours of pulling teeth. No -- getting teeth pulled. "At least you'll get laughing gas." Awww, that's cute of you. I'm sitting in a Lay-Z-Boy in the garage of a guy who calls himself 'The Toof Fairy', I've got the feeling there isn't gonna be any laughing gas. I MIGHT get a sticker afterwards.

Hit the jump for another shot of the bag, the tattoo, the cosplay, and the beginning of a long day.




Thanks to Andjas, Todd and priyanka, who once watched a wookie try to light a fart and go up in a ball of burning hair.

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