Sexy Time!: Chocolate Hats To Wear On Your Peenor

July 25, 2012


But do they come in XL?

Because even peens deserve to play dress-up from time to time, online retailer D*ckHats is selling these edible chocolate dong toppers for sweetening up sexy-time with your lover. They're currently available in viking and cowboy hat varieties, but I've got my fingers crossed for dunce cap, sombrero and space-helmet versions in the future. Each hat will set you back $10, and are one size fits MOST. I just bought the viking one and have been wearing it all day with the hopes of, you know, getting some. Unfortunately it melted and now it just looks like I shit my pants.

Hit the jump for a shot of the cowboy version.


Thanks to athiestgirl, who's holding out for a fez or beret.

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