Sadness: Guy Creates Virtual Girlfriend He Can Take Out On Dates Using Kinect, Video Glasses, Zero Self Respect

July 10, 2012


Wow, of course you took her to a playground YOU PERVY WEIRDO.

This is a video of a guy demonstrating his virtual reality girlfriend. She was created using a hacked Kinect, some video glasses, and a heaping scoop of sad, pervertedness. Her actual avatar is Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual reality pop star, and the object of more than one misguided man's affections. *sweeping air in a bear-hug* I SAID SHE'S MINE, BRO -- WE'RE HUGGING RIGHT NOW. Just watch the video for more sadness than you could shake a virtual stick at, including the sicko actually slapping her on the head the 2:05 mark. No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend, he can't even treat a virtual one right. I don't even wanna know how many Tomigatchis he's killed.

Hit the jump for the WTF'ery in progress.

Thanks to Bradley, who agrees brobro should probably stop spending so much time making virtual girlfriends and more time brushing up his personal ad writing skills.

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