It Opens Friday!!!!1: Dark Knight Rises 3-D Street Art

July 18, 2012


Continuing with the theme of Batman boners, this is some 3-D street art painted in Madrid to celebrate the European premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. As you can see, the dingaling with the red hat is about to plummet to his death. And does anybody care? F*** NO, PUT SOME DAMN SHOES ON.

Thanks to killahertz, who has tickets to a midnight showing but will get so drunk beforehand he'll pass out during the previews. And to Jamie, who plans on eating his popcorn when he does.

  • Finley Brentwood

    I just went and watched The Dark Knight Rises last night.... and yes .... it was f**king amazing! Bane is such a badass

  • Michael Fredrickson

    The photo looks altered to me. the whole background is all over the place buildings are slanted cars are going through people and one guy is walking through the barrier rope literally. i say fake

  • Joe Key

    This is how perspective works mate.

  • FIRST!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy establishing that you demand to be stoned in the streets? I agree.

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