Paper Passion: Perfume That Smells Like A Book

July 20, 2012


Paper Passion is an actual $98 perfume that smells like books. I'm not sure if it makes you smell like new books, old books, or books with boogers between the pages, but who cares, I'd rather smell like any of those than AXE body-spray. I'm an Old Spice guy. "Jesus, how old are you?" Over 400 in wizard years!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the packaging (it comes in a hollowed book!), but sorry, no smells.



Thanks to inia77, who wants to smell like a comic book.

  • jess bird


  • Hit

    It is more interesting topic of smells of Books. I like the paper smells.

  • Chip San

    I love the smell of Chocolate and money papers. The great article about the book perfume. I enjoyed a lot.

  • $98 for perfume? I doubt they know their demographic all that well.

  • honestly if I wanted to smell like books I'd sit in a Library for a few hours. Yeah, I'd rather not spend a hundred dollars to smell like a book.

  • The_Teapot

    my library smells like musty homelessness and mold. =(

  • new books smell like a pulpy mess of ick

  • Can I spray this over my Sony Reader? The smell of a real book is pretty much the only thing I'm missing when reading an electronic one.

  • Guest

    At the moment I spray this on, I bet a group of bookworms will abruptly attack me.

  • I love how books smell, but not sure I'd wanna smell like one...

  • hmmm, why not.

  • I love the smell of books - old and new - but that's a lot of money, and I'm not sure I want to smell of book. I prefer to smell of insanity, sex and vanilla.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    In that order?

  • Usualy.

  • Daniel Brown

    I prefer to smell like insanity sex and chocolate, or mint, fuck it where its my ice-cream perfume!!!

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