Oh You Know, Just A Video Of The Five Guys Who Volunteered To Stand Under An Exploding Nuke

July 19, 2012


This is an old (1957) government propaganda film showing the five men who volunteered to stand under a "low-yield" (two-kiloton) nuclear warhead detonated 10,000 feet above their heads. The video was created to calm the US populous and prove nuclear war is no big deal. The government: they've never NOT been lying to us. Admittedly, it would take pretty big balls to stand out there, I don't care how high or small the nuke they're detonating is. Of course, these suckers were probably fed the same lies the video was made to disperse in the first place. That said, if the government gave me $10-million and a year to spend it, I'd ride a f***ing nuke into a brick wall.

Hit the jump for the video, explosion around 1:00. Dude smoking victory cigar at 1:45.

Thanks to Me (not like ME me -- another me) and Little Alex, who always sign up for those paid drug experiments. Ahahahhaha -- I put myself through college on terrible side effects.

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