Oh Hai Muscles!: Impressive Duke Nukem Cosplay

July 16, 2012


As I think I've mentioned before, I got banned from Comic-Con three years ago and am not allowed to return for another two. So I wasn't there this weekend. I know, as cool as sitting in a GEEKOLOGIE booth wearing dark sunglasses pretending to not be drunk would have been, it didn't happen. Sure I could have gone in costume and nobody would have known the difference, but I don't like breaking the rules. Kidding, I like breaking EVERYTHING, especially bottles. *tries to smash over head, passes out* "Maybe start with a beer bottle and work your way up to the wine one?" Huh? Where am I? This is a picture of muscle man Oliver Price cosplaying as Duke Nukem. It's not even at Comic-Con so I don't even know why I brought that up earlier. I bet it's because I'm still drunk.

Thanks to lulu, who agrees it's cool when your physique lends itself to quality cosplaying. Right? That's why I always go as Chunk from The Goonies.

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