Now This Is What The Internet Is All About: Meowbify Packs Your Favorite Websites Full Of Animated Cat Gifs

July 31, 2012


Meowbify is a website that you can go to, enter the URL of any other website, and it replaces all the images on that site with animated cat GIFs. It really helps jazz up some of the more boring sites out there. Plus if you're really feeling tricky you could probably send a link of Meowbified Geekologie to a friend and be all, "What the hell is wrong with Geekologie today?!" And then, without even bothering to look at the link you sent, they'll reply, "The same thing that's wrong with it everyday -- the GW's a f***ing spaz." Then you'll LOL and screencap the conversation to send to me as a tip with subject line 'THE TRUTH' just to hurt my feelings. "Sounds about right." God, why couldn't I have been born some rich lady's house-cat? Or a dragon.

Thanks to SonicAlligator and Chryos, who agree cats make everything better. Except sexy-time with your partner. Then it's better to kick them out of the room and close the door.

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