Now Let's Go Kill A Dragon!: Fantasy Styled Avengers

July 5, 2012


This is a series of Avengers characters (plus Loki) imagined in a fantasy style by DeviantARTist theDURRRRIAN (and not theDURRRRPIAN, which some of my frienemies like to call me because THEY'RE SHITBAGS -- you know who you are!). As you can see, they definitely look like a crew capable of rescuing a princess or slaying a dragon. Or, and I'm just throwing this out there, washing and detailing my car. Come on -- somebody wrote 'PEEN KING' in the dust on my back window!

Hit the jump to see individual shots of each.









Thanks to leslie, who fancies herself a fantasy version of Wonder Woman. Awesome -- now golden-lasso an orc and ask them why they're so f***ing ugly.

  • I used to be an Avenger like you ...

  • Elisha Gilbert

    These look like they heavily reference Guild Wars 2 concept art or even paint-overs. It's an interesting concept but style biting isn't cool.

  • Spartikiss


  • Michael Jones

    That's not how a bow works at all.

  • its hawkeye.... not you.. he hits his targets

  • Michael Jones

    Hawkeye wouldn't have the arrow resting on top of his hand.

  • Doug Eldridge

    i fuking hate fantasy shit, but these were cool. very sidney sheldon.

  • Ed

    The Hulk does not bleed from mere arrows!

  • Todd McFarlane called, and he ain't happy.

  • Is it just me or do they all look dead?

  • Jim Perry

    Indeed, it looks like they're part of a necromancer army. On a related note, you should check out Marvel Zombies

  • Jim Perry

    Cool armor and textures, but this guy has no clue how to do faces

  • Jim Perry

    Seriously, look at where he puts the glowing eyes on the head. He put Cap's eyes where the mouth goes!

  • Brett Mayo

    It looks like his head is down, like his chin would be touching his chest. Doesn't look odd to me. :S

  • Dominic

    guildwars 2 rip off, but heh... still neat i guess.

  • Vladplaya just....awesome.....

  • modified Guild Wars 2 art claimed as his own, disgraceful

  • johnathanx

    I don't see the connection at all... Besides both being fantasy.

  • The artist is mimicking Kekai Kotaki's artwork. He is one of the many talented concept artists for Guild Wars 2.

  • Vladplaya

    Art Style is similar to GW2, but you better provide links to original pictures from GW2 if he really used them. Otherwise you know that you can't copy right Art Style (theme), its just something that anyone can use to make their own pictures, even if they look similar to other arts of the same style/theme.

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