No Feet On The Table!: Pet Clam Licking Salt Off Table

July 10, 2012


One time I licked a cross-walk button and the girl next to me puked, true story.

This is a video of somebody's pet clam licking salt off the table. That's not it's tongue that comes out though, that's its foot. That's why my title makes so much cents. "You mean sense." Are you shore? No word if this is actually somebody's pet clam, or if it was a clam they were gonna eat and decided to have some fun with first. Also, as somebody in the Youtube comments pointed out, "You live a wasted life if you don't glue some googly eyes to this thing and film it again." Truer words have never been spoken. I have no idea if salt is bad for a clam the way it is a slug or snail but they do live in salt water so, I dunno, maybe they like licking salt like horses do. Seahorses do. Nope? Not gonna give it to me huh? Fine. But seriously, who has a pet clam anyways -- they just sit there. "Don't you have a pet rock?" Stoney? What about him? "Doesn't he just sit there?" Hell no, Stoney is an adventurer! Aren't you, Stoney? "Throw me throw a window." *CRASH!* The neighbors hate him.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Clark, who has pet grass and sometimes Stoney and them go on play-dates.

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