Move Over, Cookies!: Drug Jars (You Have A Problem)

July 30, 2012


This is the Vice Canister series from designer Jonathan Adler. Truthfully, I wouldn't really judge you if you had a ganja jar. Or a mushroom one, provided you have a job and they for weekend/festival use only. But if you have a quaalude or downer jar expect to be judged HARD. You know that one rude guy who used to be on 'American Idol'? Imagine him, but way angrier at the world and supersaturated with alcohol. That is me in a nutshell. *booty-popping* That? That was me dropping it like it's luke-warm in the thong I found in my apartment's laundry room. "Did you find it INSIDE a dryer?" No! Okay maybe. In my dryer! HIYO, bought a 3-pack at Target.

Thanks to Liz, who knows a guy who sold his crack jar for crack. Okaaaaaay, shit just got real.

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