Mass Effect Female Commander Shepard Barbie Mod

July 27, 2012


This a Barbie modded with clay and painted by the Introverted Wife to look like a female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Now, I know what you're thinking: "I could do sooooo much better." But that's just because you're a rude @$$hole. I thought Shepard is looking pretty damn good considering everything was made out of clay. Of course, the only Barbie modding I've ever done was tearing the heads off my sisters' when she threatened to tell our parents I was practicing black magic after they went to sleep. I reanimated a squirrel carcass!

Hit the jump for several more shots, including Shepard about to put a hole in Tom Servo from MST3K.








Thanks to chi chi, who agrees having sex with space aliens is risky business. Wrap it up, wrap it up again, then masturbate in the corner just to be on the safe side.

  • Matthew Anderson

    I'm sorry, but that just looks like poop.

  • Eric Stodolnik

    ugly as fuk

  • I'll say this, its a solid effort that shows a lot of potential. Sure its unrefined and needs a lot of work but this really is a solid effort and shows that the person who made it, with some work and some practice make some nice work.

    Its easy to sit back and bag on people that aren't on your level when it comes to customs or even just bag on them cause you think you can do better, but this person made a good effort of creating detail in the suit that is for better or worse pretty close to looking like what its supposed to look like.

    I give em props for sure, I knew it was Mass Effect on first glance so mission was accomplished. Now, do they need to learn to use sculpting tools or even just sand paper to clean up the looks of things and make the aesthetic more appealing, sure, but this really is not bad.

    I see a lot of potential here for sure.

  • Jo Edwards

    What a crap job. Lookit the chunks of uneven hair! That would've taken like 5 seconds to fix. And the paint job... I can't believe someone got excited over this.

  • Whens the last time you made anything Jo? Whens the last time you put yourself and your work on display for the love of it and for the internet to tear apart cause they are assholes like you? I'm gonna guess never, so why not shut the fuck up until you are ready to put something into the world that you sunk your time and heart into and were awesome enough to share even with the full knowledge of the internet being a place filled with assholes like yourself.

    Sure it needs work, sure its not a professional quality piece, but this person cared enough to make this thing and its honestly not that bad. I wanna see what you do for a living so I can tell you how shitty you are at it cause I'm certain you haven't got 1 millionth the talent this woman has.

    Its easy to be a doubtcaster and shit all over everything but until you bring something to the table you really should just shut the fuck up.

  • Jo Edwards

    And since you asked, I make bags. And they ARE professional quality. So next time you want to talk shit on someone, at least know what you are talking about. I KNOW that this barbie looks like crap. So get over yourself.

  • Jo Edwards

    Wow. Someone got their panties in a twist.

  • If by defending someone against pointless attacks by some asshole on the internet then yeah my panties are all twisted up my ass right now.

  • Jo Edwards

    Well aren't you a hero.

  • its not about being a hero asshole, its about letting someone know they are showing their ass and to try and help them recognize the subhuman behavior they are taking part in is not welcome or necessary. Its about taking a stand for something and not just letting some dickhead without a face talk a buncha shit without any consequences or without calling said dickhead out for being a fucking jerk in the first place. Its like teaching a dog not to shit in the house by rubbing his nose in it. Sure it doesn't always work but sometimes the dog gets the idea that what hes doing is wrong and he shouldn't do it anymore.

  • Jo Edwards

    I almost want to say more snarky things. You're fun. :)

  • Jo Edwards

    I haven't called you or the "creator" of this lame barbie one single name and yet I'm the asshole/dickhead(??)/jerk... Here's the first one (and btw it's much more creative) Take your head out of your ass and realize how ridiculous you sound. Every single comment on this article is criticism. It's obviously a piece of crap. Oh wait...did you make it? LOLOLOL.


    Horrible paint job.. wow

  • Sebastiann Elegant√© Neely

    No! not Tom Servo!

  • Joe Ryburn

    This get an article on geekologie and kotaku and my mass effect action figures only got laughed at? <.< Damn you Femme Shep for having boobs.

  • Joshua Franklin

    I think those are considerably better looking than this Barbie.

  • Joe Ryburn

    The true reason mine is better... KROOOOOGAN PIGGY BACK RIDE!

  • When I was a kid my Barbies fought battles against He-Man and the likes.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I hope that after she got her butt thoroughly kicked she went back to where she was needed....

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