Mass Effect Female Commander Shepard Barbie Mod

July 27, 2012


This a Barbie modded with clay and painted by the Introverted Wife to look like a female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Now, I know what you're thinking: "I could do sooooo much better." But that's just because you're a rude @$$hole. I thought Shepard is looking pretty damn good considering everything was made out of clay. Of course, the only Barbie modding I've ever done was tearing the heads off my sisters' when she threatened to tell our parents I was practicing black magic after they went to sleep. I reanimated a squirrel carcass!

Hit the jump for several more shots, including Shepard about to put a hole in Tom Servo from MST3K.








Thanks to chi chi, who agrees having sex with space aliens is risky business. Wrap it up, wrap it up again, then masturbate in the corner just to be on the safe side.

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