Marital Bliss: Man Wakes Up Wife Behind Truck Being Towed, Convinces Her They're About To Crash

July 24, 2012


Because regularly scaring the everliving hell out of your partner is the foundation of every solid relationship, this is a video of a guy driving down the road behind a tractor trailer being towed when he startles his wife awake and tells her they're about to crash. Man, her scream -- that was GOOD. Is there any greater gift you can give to a lover than the feeling they're gonna die and then not? Yes, ANYTHING. Except for me, I love that feeling. 'If you're not just feeling like you're dying, you're actually dying' I say sometimes to sound smart even though I'm dumber than shit.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Terry, who would do the same thing to his wife except he doesn't drive, he only rides a bicycle and it's hard to get her to fall asleep in the basket.

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