Man, He's GOOD: Skippy The Stone-Skipping Robot

July 11, 2012


This is Skippy. Skippy is a robot that skips stones in a pond in Sun Valley, Idaho. And, if you wait your turn on Skippy's website, you can even control him and make him skip a rock yourself! I'm not sure where exactly this unending stone supply is coming from, but I suspect there's a chained human slave somewhere just off camera. Now, before you go spending the 45 minutes it took me to wait in line, controlling him is limited to trajectory and power and there was ZERO OPTION to get him to bludgeon himself in the head with the rock until he explodes. Trust me, I mashed every button on my keyboard.

Hit the jump for a video of Skippy skipping and save yourself an hour.

Thanks to Thom, who said he tried the thing and his rock went KERPLUNK without a single skip, then rage-quit because there's no do-overs.

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