But I'm From The Future!: Man Assaulted By McDonald's Employees For Wearing Homemade Digital Glasses

July 18, 2012


Come on bro, you have to admit you look creepy as f***. Please tell me you at least had a shirt on.

Steve Mann, the self-proclaimed "father of computer vision systems" (and NOT "the father of a dino baby" like I want to be) was recently assaulted by three McDonalds employees after wearing his homemade digital glasses (read: creepy cyborg prosthetic) into one of their Paris restaurants. It was all completely unwarranted (at least per Steve's account, which I believe), and Steve was even with his wife and children. No word on how they feel about cyborg daddy.

Steve Mann was visiting Paris with his family when he was assaulted at a McDonald's on the popular avenue, Champs Elysees. While there, three men approached him and attempted to forceably remove his "glasses", not aware the prosthetic was physically attached to his skull. Anticipating these problems, Mann had a note from a dctor explaining the prosthetic, but the attackers "angrily crumpled and ripped up the letter" before pushing him out the door.

Mann's device was damaged during the assault, thus it no longer continuously overwrote the memory with new images. Because of this, the attackers faces were retrieved from the "glasses" later.

There are a couple shots of the assailants after the jump, which don't look like any McDonalds employees I've ever seen. I dunno, maybe the McDonalds are fancier over there. "Royale with cheese." SOLID POINT.

Hit the jump for the perps, including a pretty decent crotch-shot.




Thanks to Thom and Thel200ster, who would have squirted ketchup everywhere in outrage. Plus thrown pickles. And maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- clogged a toilet in the bathroom with a fry cup.

  • No its not!

    this is a stupid article. A 10 year writes better than this.

  • Because this has nothing to do with Charles Stross' "Accelerando" at all ...

  • so, the iglass or the google glass is not welcome in the future?

  • Peter_Pedro

    I you had any bad intentions you could always use a hidden camera, they would never find out. But they attack the one with a public camera...

  • Peter_Pedro

    They look more like mobsters to me.

  • perp3 in the top picture seems to be coming at him with a samurai sword!!! bit excessive i thought.

  • exoid.com

    samurai sword.... broom.... all looks the same to you huh?

  • Lee

    "Welcome to Mcdonalds, How can I ruin your day?"

  • I never asked for this...

  • If people are allowed to videotape anywhere, people have to be allowed to wear masks in public.

  • Scruffy. I. Have. Found. You.

    I. Miss. You.

  • McKnight24

    what you really need is some sort of device that hacks the cameras ala 'laughing man'

  • JJtoob

    This guy needs to come up with more subtle hardware. Like in Ghost in the Shell.

  • sjestus

    The title is kind of misleading.. he's not just a man, he's a renowned University professor who has been studying this technology for decades.

    And his hardware wasn't just "homemade" like, in his basement... this stuff is state of the art, expensive equipment developed with university support.

  • Ed

    I hate people who are trying to turn us into cyborgs, because I don't want to be a cyborg just to keep up or keep my job or whatever. Fuck this guy, if he comes into my McDonald's I'll kick him in the nads.

  • You would deny the service of a customer if he/she walked in wearing a leg prosthetic, or maybe a cane?

  • exquisite_dead_guy

    It's a prosthetic, you dumb shit! You would feel differently about it if you lost an eye.

  • krj768

    Burn it with Fire!

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    the McDonald's? I could get behind that.

  • Kaviani

    No, the cyberdouche.

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