LEGO Store Employee Builds 'Functional' LEGO Portal Gun

July 6, 2012


This is a video of one of Geekologie Reader Liz's coworkers at the LEGO Store in Minneapolis showing off his homemade LEGO Portal Gun. The gun took about a year to plan, three weeks to build, and is just under 2,000 pieces. It has a LEGO Mindstorm controller stuffed inside, so the prongs can be opened and closed via a switch, as well as some light-up effects. Good lookin', bro. Now blast a hole in the floor and make that kid in the background crash into a display!

Hit the jump for the demo.

Thanks to Liz, who allegedly got to shoot the thing before and sent a LEGO Lord Of The Rings playset to kingdom-come. Shit, next time shoot one over to my place!

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