LEGO Shows Off New Star Wars Rancor Pit Playset

July 14, 2012


Because LEGO is droppin' it like it's hot (PUNCH ME -- DO IT NOW) this year at Comic-Con, here's a preview of their upcoming Rancor Pit playset. I...don't know how I feel about it. I'm thinking maybe they should just sell the Rancor minifig and let me build my own pit. Because this one doesn't look so hot. Sure it has a gate but it also has WIDE OPEN SIDES. If this was where the Rancor lived in the movie he would have eaten everybody.

Thanks to my Facebook feed, which is almost entirely ugly baby pictures and idiots talking politics.

  • Jose Esparza

    And how do you suppose we will play with it with walled-in sides? You wouldn't have space to put your hands in there to move stuff, let alone see the stuff in there...DUMMY!

  • rebekahshurman

    I vote yes for weekend posts.

  • The Rancor is a lot smaller than I remember.

  • GW go enjoy your weekend. Post on monday dude.

  • kevin dijkshoorn


  • First! This set gets connected to the bottom of the yet to be released Jabba's Palace. It'll look a might cooler then.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I guess it *will* hook up to that set; it's just disappointing that the new Jabba's Palace doesn't come with slave Leia like the original one. I would only buy the new set to get the AWESOME updated version of Han Solo in Carbonite... it looks so cool!

    Btw, a Jabba's Palace set was released back in 2003... when the LEGO Star Wars characters were still "LEGO guy" yellow; weird, I know!

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