LEGO Shows Off Bag End Hobbit Home LOTR Playset

July 13, 2012


Note: Worthwhile larger shot HERE for more detail.

Also on display at Comic-Con, LEGO has announced this upcoming Bag End Lord of the Rings playset, appropriately named 'An Unexpected Visit'. And speaking of unexpected visits -- did I tell you who showed up at my house last night at 2AM? SPOILER: my old roommate. You know what I told him? YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Just because you get drunk and your internal auto-pilot turned on doesn't mean you can crash on my sofa. I have a NEW roommate now, one who doesn't drink the last of my chocolate milk. "So did you let him stay or not?" F*** no, that's when I pulled a gun on him.

Thanks to Capt. Thomas Foolery, who's one of those captains that's always gets on the intercom and says, "This is your captain speaking. OH SHIT -- ICEBERG, DEAD AHEAD! Jk jk, I got you all good though, didn't I?"

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