Learning By Looking: A Chart Of All Of Batman's Villains

July 23, 2012


Note: There's no way you can read that. I don't care if you are Eagle-Eye Man or whatever, save THIS VERSION to be able to read it all (you have to save it, the site limits picture width).

This is a chart showing all of Gotham's villains (links to print purchase site), as grouped by type. Not gonna lie, I never realized Batman was up against SO MUCH evil. You'd think out of all those villains, somebody would be able to do in a guy WHO DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ANY SUPERPOWERS. That's pretty pathetic when you think about it. Actually, that's pretty pathetic even if you don't think about it. I'm not sure where the hell all these losers went to villain school but I would NOT send my kids there. Get it? Because I'm gonna home-school them! *slapping knuckles with ruler* Dammit GW Jr, four times four is EIGHTEEN (they're gonna turn out great).

Thanks to Pollywag, who is like...a tadpole with a dog's tail? Bad speller? No clue.

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