It's Just So Beautiful: Artist Paints What He Imagines The Sky Looked Like When Van Gogh Painted His Starry Night

July 2, 2012


This is a digital painting by artist Alex Ruiz (links to prints for sale) imagining one of the nights Vincent Van Gogh worked on his iconic The Starry Night. Clearly, Alex has the skills to pay the bills and won't be cutting an ear off anytime soon. Who pays a hooker in ears anyway?

This is an homage to him, and to his painting, one of my all time favorites. We see him standing here, looking up at the night sky...probably in awe, as he wondered how he would capture the beauty he saw. As well, this was the view from the sanitarium he was staying at, as it's well known that the poor guy was quite mentally troubled.

Did anybody else not realize the towering black figure on the left of the original painting was actually a tree? I always thought it was the black smoke from Lost. Or an evil wizard's castle. Or -- and I hate to get too Da Vinci Code on you this early on a Monday -- a painting of a naked lady he covered up because he couldn't get the boobs right. HIYO, down the rabbit hole.

Hit the jump for a shot of the original for comparative purposes and NOT for pleasuring yourself. I'm looking at you, art lover!


Thanks to Christie, who agrees the night was probably not as swirly as Van Gogh made it seem. "Two words: Absinthe." I stand corrected. Well, sit corrected. I'm kind of lounging actually.

  • Vjeshitza Pendragon

    Beautiful. It reminds me of a scene from Dr. Who, the ending of the Van Gogh episode.

  • Lithxe

    This isnt a painting, if you zoom in and look at the details, it is CLEARLY a photo manipulation. (A composite of many photos.) A few photoshop effects and sloppy cut-outs give it away. I am astounded that no one else has mentioned it in the original site comments. Its so obviously NOT a painting!!

  • Drew Holden

    you care too much for little things.

  • Lithxe

    Lol who said I cared at all? I actually find it hilarious that everyone is fawning over his "amazingly detailed painting, the next Van Goph!" when he just cut and pasted some low res pics together.

  • HackTheGibson

    I just got done reading every comment on his page. I am yet to see the "the next Van Gogh" statement. Most of the comments I saw are great painting, or great digital painting. Just because everyone doesn't add digital to it, doesnt mean they aren't aware.
    When you go to the page, it clearly says "medium painting-digital" so no needed to say it is a photo manipulation.

    I was disappointed in some clipping but think I was looking at it too close and once printed should appear fine. I can follow up on that when my copy comes in.

  • Tis very pretty - I prefer the original though.

  • Nice.

  • Francis

    too bad you don't get that kind of view of the sky anymore. city lights effed that for all of us.

  • osteenq

    And pollution.

  • You should try going out in to the country some time.

  • Depends on where you go. Central America is crap if you want a pretty sky.

  • Drew Holden

    the fck are you talking about? it doesn't matter which region/country you're long as you're far enough away from the city light sky, you'll see a brilliant night sky. try harder, fool.

  • Huge version at
    The town is amazingly detailed but some of the clipping on the trees is just plain lazy.

  • I'm sure you could simply blur or smudge the edges of everything for a better effect.

  • HackTheGibson

    I am gonna edit this. I thought the clipping was bad, but as Alex points out that is zoomed way in. I went ahead and ordered the print and will judge the actual image instead of a zoomed screen version.

  • Alex Ruiz

    btw The print isn't even available at this large a size. I am the artist and understand when you zoom into an image this far, you can see a lot of 'mistakes':) Many people have bought prints so far and are very happy with them.

  • HackTheGibson

    I just got my framed print in yesterday. I opted for one of the larger images available and it looks great. My wife looked at it for about a half hour and never saw any clipping. I knew where to look for it from the link above and still struggled to find any clipping and that was being very nitpicky (if that is a word.) This was a great piece and well done!

  • HackTheGibson

    Alex, I love the concept and know with digital art you can definitely zoom in too far. I have had people critic some of my stuff at the pixel level. After I thought about it, I still liked the picture and have ordered it for my wife. I forgot about my post until I got an email from Disquss. Once my print comes in I will post a review, but I have a feeling it will look great in person.

  • Cassidy Lamb

    Van Gogh wouldn't have been out in the field. He was in a mental institution at the time. This painting is missing an orderly creeping up on him with a syringe.

  • I wonder if Alex Ruiz knew that Starry Night was painted from an Asylum?

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