It Was Only A Matter Of Time: iPhone Case With Taser

July 19, 2012


Because what better way to answer a call than with 650,000-volts to the side of the head, a young inventor is desperately trying to bring the Yellow Jacket iPhone case to market. In case you couldn't tell because you suck at context clues, it's an iPhone case with an integrated taser (plus extra phone battery!).

Seth Froom came up with the idea for the Yellow Jacket iPhone case after an armed robber broke into his home and took cell phones, laptops and electronic devices from Froom and his friends. In the days following the incident, 23-year-old Froom, a former military police officer, wondered how the situation could have played out differently.

The $125 case for iPhone 4 and 4S comes with a 650k volt stun gun and its own external battery, which provides the added benefit of extending the iPhone's battery life by up to extra 20 hours. In an introductory video, the Yellow Jacket's creators say the device is capable of taking down a "fully grown aggressive adult male." To ensure safety from accidental electronic discharges, the case features a safety switch and rotating electrode cap -- so you don't have to worry about being electronically sedated while on a phone call with your mother.

First of all, having a stun gun would NOT have made that situation play out any differently. Actually, I take that back. If anything, brobro would have lunged at the robber with his taser-phone and gotten shot. No, if you want to send a robber packing, here's what you do: as soon as you realize there's an intruder in your house you yell, at the top of your lungs, "YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS BEFORE I START 'HOME ALONE-ING' YOUR ASS". If that doesn't work tell them you're old, shriveled up prune of a grandpa and like masturbating in front of people.

Promo video including robbery reenactment after the jump.

Thanks to Aaron and francois, who are holding out for iPhone guns. And to Amanda, who agrees the best defense is a strong offense. OMG, yes! I yell at EVERYONE when I'm walking alone at night.

  • Tiffany Marbles

    Holding the case to my face seemed like a bad idea... I prefer the iZap which looks like an iPhone, but is a stun gun. Entirely separate product that I can carry when I jog or keep in the side pouch of my purse. I think is the website.

  • This is holy dangerous but helpful when it comes in
    trouble. This might unlock on our pocket and activate the stun gun? I will
    barely buy or get free other iPhone 4S case other than this for the user’s
    safety. Still, great innovation!

  • Matt Pascual

    Free iPhone4s cases? I don't think it's free
    pal, but if you're saying the truth. Show me what you got!!

  • yes! actually i use my free iPhone4s case now. if you want to see where i get my new iPhone4s free case, just click my profile to see the link. and don't forget to use the PROMO CODE it's also there.

  • JeffAce

    I'm a karate expert so I don't need a taser. But I could use some free iPhone cases really. ^_^

  • stevetuttle

    Just remember this is not a TASER brand device. It is a generic stun gun & any claims about voltage in the 100,000 level may not be accurate.

  • randomchan2012

    Jesus Christ could the inventor possibly be screaming for more attention with this product? Stop trying to make yourself a superstar and just sell your goddamn product, kid. Now you've gone and taken me from "Hmm, that's a cool idea" to "Wow this person is starting to seem like a douche".

  • ObeyToofy

    Seriously? Again with the Taser thing? This is a STUN GUN, not a Taser. Tasers fire darts at the end of wires. Plus, it says "stun gun" right on the title of the video, so there's no excuse.

  • Orannis

    If this was legal in canada I would have bought with the fury of a thousand suns. =_= While I would probably never need to taze a dude, the ability to do so, plus the extended battery life would be more than worth it.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    "extending the iPhone's battery life"

    So now some iTard is going to use this to extend their Facebook usability and then won't be able to stun a fly when the time comes. I feel this should have a separate battery pack if this is going to be a viable self defense tool.

  • Gob

    Safety switch? your pocket will unlock it and electrocute your nuts. because pants hate their owners.

  • Guest

    *looks @ phone* hmmm....I wonder if they can also diverse this nice idea for blackberry cases too?

  • $18922249

    Cool... a taser with which you routinely touch your head! What could possibly go wrong?

    I call dibs on the "toothbrush-revolver" patent!

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