I'm Tired Of Eating Dots: Other Characters As Pac-Man

July 30, 2012


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print it out and pleasure yourself because you're f***ing weird.

This is a drawing by Redditor yougruesomehare depicting a bunch of different characters as alternative Pac-Men, and what they might eat. Not to brag or anything, but I recognized them all. Except two. Brobro should have included a Geekologie Writer one though. What do you think I would be eating? "Penises." Ouch. It hurts because I know you're probably right.

Thanks to son_of_bokonon, who lives by the foma that makes him brave and kind and healthy and happy. Damn yeah, Cat's Cradle! And to ElleShoo, who agrees the best dots are Dippin' Dots.

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