I'm Not Eating Out Of That : Zombie Head Popcorn Bucket

July 16, 2012


This is a zombie themed popcorn bucket designed by New York ad agency Y&R for Detroit horror convention Motor City Nightmares. The buckets were such a hit they intend to design more and sell them online. "Finally, some decent horror-themed popcorn buckets for movie night" we're all saying to ourselves right now.

Thanks to carey, who agrees there just aren't enough novelty popcorn buckets on the market right now. It's a real shame.

  • osteenq

    Needs more "zombie", less "guy's ugly severed head".

  • Dirgible

    That doesn't look like a zombie. Is that zombie dead due to the head wounds or not? Is the popcorn his hair? Like a chia pet?!
    Isn't it wierd how zombies don't think to eat each others brains? If this was filled with zombie brains and a zombie was eating it would they be a zombie cannibal? Wait, is there such thing as a zombie cannibal? Would a zombie cannibal eat brains or popcorn? Wait...

  • Ed

    They will probably make millions off of these. I'm so jealous! All I had to do was think of it first. Now I'm going to the store to see what else I can put a zombie on and sell.

  • cyberslacks

    Tapatio would look and taste better with that...

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