Iffy 'Ham Dogger' Molds Hamburger Meat Into Hot Dogs

July 27, 2012


Because God forbid you roll raw hamburger into turd shapes by hand, the Ham Dogger does it for you. You just slap some hamburger meat in there, press the top on, and presto, another piece of junk to take up precious cabinet space. Admittedly, it is great for measuring penises though. Tehe -- I'm almost two-thirds of a hotdog! "Two-thirds?" Okay, half. "Half?" Two-fifths and pretty please don't ask me again. :(

Thanks to Princess Yum Yum, who isn't pressing anything into hot dog shapes but ice cream. YES! We already have Choco Tacos, why not Dessert Dogs?

  • And this is amazing new form of minced meat... how? Ćevapi rule :P

  • BobbyRooney

    hah, they do! I just never thought to put them in hotdog bread!

  • Ingledsva

    I actually like this. I'm one of those people that won't eat a regular hot dog. I like that it compacts the meat so it has less chance of falling apart. I think I would experament with different hamburger mixes, such as a meatloaf mix, which I think would be great in a bun. Or perhaps roll a cheese log, or hot peppers, or some such mix, into the center as a suprise for my friends.

  • Is this marketed to "those who want the taste of a hamburger, but in the phallic repersentation of a hot dog"? LOL!

  • lorrrd

    disgusting is diplomatic - eye-cancer that is ! S1 can really feel well while eating cadavers ? its just a mood , a vain idea 4 a sec , but moi gotta watch that crap , among many others scroll-heads 4 daze .... (years maybe with ur interlink-web-2.0-likeonFB-rate-it-twice-2-get-your-boner-bonus-pills-system)

  • I want one that can make it look like a penis - just so I can freak people out.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I think by "freak people out" you actually mean "impress people"... or enjoy putting it in your mouth much more than an actual hot dog. I know *I* would!

  • By "freak people out" I meant "make it look like I was eating cooked penis".

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