Idiot Moron Tries To Drive Scooter Up Escalator, Fails

July 18, 2012


Seen here about to go for the idiot gold, a woman in a grape colored shirt prepares to tackle a Boston subway escalator with her motorized scooter. SPOILER: she does a terrible job. Like, I don't know if it's even possible to do worse. Sure I've seen videos of people in actual wheelchairs do worse, but you have to applaud somebody who's really handicapped risking becoming even handicapped-er for the sake of escalator-riding glory.

On Friday, the 56-year-old woman from South Boston was attempting to ride her scooter up an escalator at the Broadway MBTA Station, but flipped over a couple times and fell down.

Surveillance cameras showed other passengers and MBTA workers rushing to her aid.

She managed to walk away from the incident.

Did you read that? She managed to walk away from the incident. Yeah? Well maybe if she'd also walked INTO the situation none of this would have happened. Food for thought. Just kidding it was a booger, but still.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first of which is just the good part, the second (longer one) features her triumphant walk-off at the end. HEALED BY A FALL DOWN AN ESCALATOR!

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who actually lives in Boston and rides the subway everyday and probably creeps all the other passengers out because he's a scary dude. The kind that will get up and move to a seat behind you for no reason.

  • Guest

    Shouldn't there be an elevator/ramp/giant robot somewhere to assist folks in chairs? Especially considering this is a subway, so there should be something there. It doesn't hurt to ask.

  • Kanein Encanto

    There probably is, I know pretty much every Elevated train station I used to go by in Chicago had an elevator... she was just too stupid or impatient to wait for it probably...

    You failed us Darwin!

  • myklspaderr

    All assumptions aside from her handicap or mobility the clear issue here is that she is an idiot for thinking that her scooter could fit on a moving staircase that has steps shorter than the width of her effing scooter. If anything I will suggest she is trying for a lawsuit to scam money out of somebody.

  • aoifem10

    Typical American

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    Just because it happened in an American city does not mean this person is an American citizen. I figure she was some lame Ireland transplant and was drunk off her ass when this happened.

  • fergy2106

    Just cos she might be irish dont mean she is drunk. Where's my dam cocktail shaker bitch! Frigging cleaners in work keep moving my shit!

  • luxlucetintenebris

    That was going to be my comment!

  • atisss

    OMG, she can walk. That's a miracle

  • L Bruce Olson

    Thank the Lord Almighty, it's another escalator miracle. She can walk!

  • Man, I've always wanted to push that emergency stop on an escalator. I just always thought I'd get in trouble if I pushed it without a good reason.

  • John

    Another contestant for the Darwin Award. However, she failed because she's still alive

  • SJ Drum

    I think the person who dreamed up the movie Wall-E was actually having visions of the future.

  • J_Vandal

    Hoverround, didn't take her where she wanted to go...

  • Scooter girl don't care, scooter girl don't give a s**t.

  • Fat jackass...

  • a week until she sues the city, and a month until there are warning signs on all escalators in Boston...

  • KMRichards

    There was already a warning sign on that escalator. That yellow sticker to the right of the hand-hold at the bottom is an industry standard sticker and says (among other things) "no wheeled vehicles allowed".

    You can bet that if she sues, MBTA will make a big deal over the existence of said sticker.

  • Ed

    She won't sue. She won't want to pay a lawyer, and no lawyer will take this case on contingency with such a horrible video.

  • WhiteEagle2

    What bothers me about this, is that lady was able to just stand up and walk away. I'm sure she takes advantage of handicap seating on the subway and other aids when she doesn't seem to really need them....

  • Charles Whelan

    Just because someone can walk for 5 seconds (while adrenalin is pumping) does not mean they are not handicap...

    Not all handicaps can be a Stephen Hawking...

  • Well obviously she can walk, man. That's why she had a scooter and not a wheel chair. It's for reduced mobility. Being able to stand for 3 minutes doesn't mean she's fit to walk everywhere. That's just ignant, dog.

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